Our Clinic

A quick tour of the space we created for our patients - you need to see it in person!



We created an ample, modern and safe reception area with a vestibule and a large glass sneeze shield for your protection and comfort.


Kids' Area

The kids' area is constantly sanitized and keeps your children entertained.


Waiting Area

Comfortable and safe - we also have a Surgically Clean Air Purifier here - you'll breathe clean air from the moment you enter the clinic.


Consultation Room

Dr. Inoue-Cheng's favourite place after the Operatories!


Hygiene Rooms

Our hygiene rooms have large windows, bringing external light in, and glass doors for infection control and patient privacy. On top of the HVAC system, each room has a Surgically Clean Air purifier.

A large curved monitor is used for patient education and entertainment during the appointment. We use bone-inducing headphones for entertainment, a very cool technology that transmits sound through vibrations on your bones, so nothing will be in or on your ears!



Similarly to the hygiene rooms, our operatories have large windows, comfortable chairs, a large curved monitor for patient entertainment and education, and the latest dental equipment.

Every room has a Surgically Clean Air purifier for cleaner and safer air. We also use DentAirVac and DryShield devices to further reduce the number of aerosol particles in the room.



This is where we create crowns and bridges in less than one hour. You'll be able to see your crown being made - the process never ceases to amaze us!

We also produce Ozonated water here, along with night and sports guards.

It's a relatively small space, but filled with the latest technology!


Sterilization Center

The pride of the clinic. We make sure that all instruments are properly washed, sterilized and stored before and after each patient.

Every instrument load is tested, labelled and logged for consistency, auditing and safety.

We also have logs for equipment maintenance - so they're always at their peak performance.



This device allows us to make better diagnostics while emitting the lowest doses of radiation.


(905) 901-1802

Dental Emergencies: (905) 464-4888

418 Iroquois Shore Rd - Suite 101, Oakville, ON L6H 0X7, Canada

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