Learn how we are keeping you and your family safe from COVID-19

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers

Think of it as hand sanitizer for your indoor air.

Each operatory, the hallway and even the reception area have one unit, which filters the air up to 30 times per hour. On top of the HEPA-Rx and the activated carbon filters, it features a germicidal UV-C+ bulb, a Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber and a Negative Ion Chamber. You don't need to understand the science, just know that it REALLY cleans the air. Watch the Surgically Clean Air introduction video HERE.


Meet Dumbo (that's how we call it).

This device sucks Mercury vapour, Ozone, BPA dust, abrasion powder, laser smoke, airborne viruses, you name it. And it does it at the source, drastically reducing the number of floating particles from aerosol-generating procedures.

We also use it for safe amalgam removal.

You can see it in action HERE.

Closed operatories

Since the planning stage, we decided that we needed closed operatories - not just for better infection control, but also for increased patient privacy and comfort. We are happy to know that this is now being recognized and required for aerosol-generating procedures in dental offices.

Constant Air Renewal

We designed our HVAC system to constantly renew the air in the clinical area. Each operatory has its own supply and return vents - so fresh air from outside is always being injected into the room, while "used" air is pushed outside the building.

Dental DryShield All-in-One Isolation System

Similarly to DentAirVac, this device removes up to 95% of the aerosol particles at the source - right from your mouth. As a bonus, it helps you to keep your mouth open, making the dental procedure more comfortable and effortless.

Sterilization & Infection Control

Strict sterilization protocols are in place for your safety, no shortcuts here. We keep our equipment in top condition and test each sterilization cycle to ensure its efficiency.

Screening & Personal Protection Equipment - PPE

We follow all the screening protocols and provide our team with the proper PPE - fitted masks, face shields, gowns, head coverings and gloves - in addition to sanitizing the room before and after each patient. All to ensure your and your family's safety.

Staggered Schedule

We are taking patients on a staggered schedule to create a safer environment for you - we avoid interaction between different patients in the reception and the hallways. 

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