The science of Sleep Apnea: Screening/Diagnosing Sleep Apnea with Telemedicine

We are very proud to be working along Dr. Sanjive Jain and have him looking after our patients!

What if sleep apnea could be reversed so the amount of times a patient stops breathing (AHI) is cut in half?

This can and is being done with the help of a novel new treatment. It starts with the diagnosis of sleep apnea, the most important step, so treatment can be offered. Family physician Dr. Sanjive Jain is a consultant Sleep disorders physician at a number of labs in the GTA.

Dr. Jain has created a platform for inter-professional collaboration between Dentistry and Sleep Medicine with a goal to optimize patient care. It's can be done with Telemedicine or the regular way. Dr. Jain will join us to explain how doctors can be efficient in their practice while reducing mortality, all while working collaboratively with dentists.

Dr. Tammaire Heit, who has spent the last 25 years working in general and craniofacial dentistry and lecturing worldwide to dentists, orthodontists, and medical doctors will also discuss her published research in this area and the importance of collaboration between dentists and medical doctors.

Watch this video to know more!

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