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We are a VIVOS Integrated Provider

The VIVOS System

The single biggest breakthrough in the treatment of mild-to-moderate sleep apnea since CPAP.

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The VIVOS advantage

CPAP machines and regular oral appliances only address the symptoms of sleep apnea.

But the Daytime-Nighttime Appliance (DNA) system from Vivos corrects the underlying issue that causes airway obstruction by gradually expanding the patient’s palate. This creates the necessary room in the mouth and airway for you to breathe comfortably throughout the night.

The DNA system is designed in accordance with the concept of Pneumopedic® treatment, which is the process of gradually increasing the size of the upper jaw.

By remodelling the bones in your jaw, we can correct the structure of the airway without surgery.


How the VIVOS System can benefit you

Vivos systems is an innovative treatment option for sleep apnea, snoring, other sleep and TMJ disorders. The DNA appliance is worn in the evening after you eat and while you sleep. By slowly expanding the size of the patient’s jaw, the DNA appliance can eliminate sleep apnea symptoms.

Additional advantages of DNA/mRNA appliance treatment include:

  • They’re nearly invisible

  • They’re comfortable

  • Improved sleep quality

  • The treatment is painless

  • They offer long-term sleep apnea relief

  • Most patients feel the effects of treatment within the first few days or weeks

  • They aren’t noisy like CPAP machines

  • Increased daytime energy

  • Upon completion of treatment, many patients do not require further intervention.


Flow Dental Care is a VIVOS Integrated Provider

We work hand-in-hand with Sleep Doctors, Myofunctional Therapists, ENT (ear, nose & throat) Specialists, Chiropractors, and other medical specialists to provide an interdisciplinary approach to your treatment.


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