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A healthier you after 40!

Have you ever wondered if the symptoms we are "told" we have to live with once we reach a certain age doesn't have to be true for you?

Join us on this FREE event to support women 40+ with those difficult, annoying, confusing and often stressful changes that come with shifting hormones. This is also an amazing opportunity for women over 30+ wanting to prepare their bodies to coast through life's changes as seamlessly as possible.

We will hear from naturopaths, medical doctors, health coaches, fitness experts, nutritionists, chefs, psychologists, coaches and best selling authors! Let's not forget about dentists, Dr. Inoue-Cheng will talk about how dentistry plays an important role during this period.

This FREE EVENT will empower women to learn natural approaches to hormone balance, increased energy, balance moods, and building a fit and healthy body so you can live your best life possible!



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