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A modern and welcoming clinic, and a caring team offering the latest dental treatments in Oakville.

Dr. Inoue-Cheng
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Oakville CommunityVotes Award - best dentist 2021
Oakville CommunityVotes Award - best dentist 2022

Best Dentist

Oakville Beaver Readers Choice Award - best dentist

Best Dentist

Dr. Susy Inoue-Cheng | DDS

Dr. Inoue-Cheng has helped her patients achieve their oral health goals over the past 25 years, starting as a Dental Assistant as a teenager and later as a Dentist with a Whole-Body, Holistic approach. As part of her journey into dental wellness, she shifted her focus from endodontics to general practice and then specialized in breathing disorders and whole-body dentistry.


Prevention is her mantra!

Dr. Inoue-Cheng is of Italian, Spanish, and Japanese descent. She is one of the founders of the Canadian branch of the MDIB (Mommy Dentists in Business), a network of over 11,000 dentists across Canada and the US that focuses on professional advancement and knowledge exchange for female dentists. She never stops learning and improving her skills.


Some of her post-graduate training include:

  • Sleep Apnea treatment appliances (VIVOS, MyoBraces, ALF, Panthera, DreamTAP, Oventus, Schwartz and others)

  • Airway Certified Mouth Doctor

  • Biological Dentistry

  • Laser Dentistry: Laser and Health Academy Master's Program

  • Sedation

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • TMJ Disorders

  • Myofunctional Therapy

  • Clear aligners: Invisalign and SureSmile

  • CBCT

  • Occlusion

  • Oral Surgery

  • Endodontics

  • BioClear

  • Esthetic Fillings

  • Microbial Ecology for Health and Healing

  • Systemic Inflammation, Microbiome and Gum Disease

  • SDF - Silver Diamine Fluoride

  • Oral Cancer Diagnosis

  • Manual Cranial Techniques

  • Craniofacial Sleep Medicine


Aside from being a full-time Dentist, Dr. Inoue-Cheng is a mom of two teenage girls and two fur babies. She enjoys cooking, crafts, reading, hiking, yoga, meditating, and travelling.

Dr. Gordon Bunt

Dr. Gordon Bunt | DDS

Dr. Bunt is thrilled to join the Flow Dental Care team. He has been in private practice dentistry for 28 years, always striving to help patients achieve wellness through the co-discovery of “root cause“ sources of imbalances in health, and focussing treatment on treating the causes rather than simply the symptoms. 


What he enjoys most about dentistry are the personal connections he builds with his patients and empowering them to take control of their own health and wellness. With advanced training in craniofacial pain, dental sleep and airway medicine, and temporomandibular (jaw joint) disorders, he has great interest in how integrated oral health is to our overall health, and this passion easily shows in conversations regarding treatment.  


Dr. Bunt has two children in post-secondary studies, who together with his wife enjoy many outdoor sports and activities, including canoe tripping, downhill, and cross-country skiing, exploring in their RV, and many others as well.  With their children both currently studying in Nova Scotia, and close family ties to Newfoundland, they enjoy their regular visits to the Maritimes. 

Dr. Amy Tung
Oakville Beaver Readers Choice Award

Best Naturopath

Dr. Amy Tung | ND

Dr. Tung is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, writer, and speaker, and for over 16 years she's been helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness through hormonal balance.


Her passion is hormone health, and working daily with women who experience hormonal concerns and hormone shifts in their life such as:​

  • Postpartum period (also known as the “fourth trimester”)

  • Peri-menopause

  • Menopause

  • Thyroid conditions related to these hormonal shifts


Dr. Tung has done hormone studies with the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M) and LP3 Network: Personalized Hormone Restoration Therapy. She's been a board member of the Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (EndoANP) for four years, and have received the Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Endocrinology designation.

She's a graduate at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo.

Her approach to health and wellness involves looking at the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person’s health. As a result of this holistic approach, she has always practiced in integrative medical clinics alongside medical doctors and a team of other health care professionals.

This expertise was further developed during six years of practice with Dr. Natasha Turner, ND (author of ‘The Hormone Diet’) at the Clear Medicine clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She is a wife and busy mom of three young children, and is constantly looking to find balance and harmony in all areas of life. When she's not with patients, she can be found doing yoga, making healthy recipes or exploring new hiking trails with my family.

For more information and tips on living a healthier and fuller life please follow her on instagram.

Marina | Hygienist

Marina graduated from the Dental Hygiene Program with honours in 2011 and has been enjoying the field ever since. 
She enjoys seeing our wonderful patients and making them feel comfortable and happy in the chair. She takes pride in helping patients achieve their oral health goals! She enjoys building relationships with staff and

Outside of work, Marina likes to bake, travel, and most importantly spend time with her family.

Marina - hygienist

Brianna | Hygienist

Brianna graduated as a dental hygienist from George Brown College. Practicing since 2018, outside of routine general oral hygiene care and instruction, her professional passion lies in focusing on issues relating to sleep quality, snoring, breathing/sinus troubles, assessing signs for early intervention orthodontics in partnership with the dentist and to recommend referral for myofunctional therapy treatment if indicated.


She also caters to patients with dental anxiety (as she ironically has it herself!) so she knows personally what some patients go through in order to even try booking in an appointment. She is gentle, kind, thorough, and will put you at ease with a caring demeanour and lots of humour!


Before becoming a Dental Hygienist, Brianna practiced as a Veterinary Technician and is a huge fan of “fur babies” and will gladly look at any cute pet photos on your phone. Outside of work, she is nearly as busy! As an avid gardener, she grows her own organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs for use in many recipes.


Her favourite dessert is by far no-bake cheesecake jars with a seasonal flavour twist and she is always thinking of new flavour combinations to try. When not cooking up a storm, or making lattes, she will be planning her next portage/camping trip with her husband or looking for a food truck and craft beer festival. She looks forward to meeting both you and your teeth soon – cheers!

Brianna - hygienist
Michelle - Patient Coordinator

Michelle | Patient Coordinator

Michelle’s first career was singing on stage at the age of 9 in Vancouver, British Columbia where she was born and raised. She then went moved to Asia to record albums and tour. After retiring from the music industry, she moved back to Canada where she landed in the dental industry back in 2005. She saw how much of an impact helping people achieve their ideal smile helped boost their confidence as well as give them a better quality of life. She knew this was where she wanted to be.
In 2016, she became curious about the financial industry because this isn’t something taught in th
e Canadian education system. She decided to learn more and help others but attain their financial goals in life by getting LLQP license. 
In her spare time, she enjoys creating music, dancing kizomba, salsa, tango, bachata and hip hop, cooking, going to exotic car shows, and traveling

Brooke - Appointment Coordinator

Brooke | Appointment Coordinator

Brooke’s most recent career was in the private investigation industry as she spent her time specializing in cyber investigations. However, she has always had a large interest and passion for maintaining overall well-being which makes her new family here at Flow Dental an amazing fit. 


In her downtime you’ll find her cooking, watching one of her favourite tv series, or spending time with her family & 14-year-old labradoodle, Koko. She also enjoys reading about and collecting gemstones. With her upbeat personality and love for good conversation, she may make you late for your appointment (just kidding…kind of). 

Gabrielle | Dental Assistant

Gabby grew up watching her two older sisters work as dentists, talking about their patients' cases, how to improve their oral health and make them happy and satisfied with their smile. It was inevitable to fall in love with this beautiful profession.


She was born in Brazil and worked as a dentist there for 5 years before moving to Ontario. She is a Dental Assistant planning to become a Dentist in Canada. Her favourite subjects are prevention, general dentistry, oral surgery and laser therapy.


She is also a sugar cookie decorator and a belly dance teacher. She loves travelling, studying, makeup, and cuddling with her cats.

Gabrielle - Dental Assistant

Chloe | Dental Assistant

As a social butterfly, Chloe has found a lot of comfort and excitement in her new home at Flow Dental. Although she recently graduated from Brock University with a degree in Sociology and Child & Youth Studies, Chloe has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the dental community.  
Chloe works very hard to ensure that our patients and team members feel supported, cared for, and appreciated. With her bubbly personality and upbeat spirit, there's no doubt that Chloe will put a smile on your face (and it's equally likely that you will put one on hers)! 
Outside of our office, you will likely find Chloe working out at the gym, playing soccer, or in the kitchen (what a cookie monster she is...!). Beyond that, Chloe thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.
Chloe - Dental Assistant

Julie| Dental Assistant

Julie is a Dental Admin and Assistant Level II from George Brown College. Her first career choice was always the dental field thanks to her own personal positive dental experience from age 6 till now.


She finds joy in trying her best to make sure that each patient she meets has the same positive experience she has had. She is fueled by smiles, giggles and good food.

Julie - Dental Assistant

Laura| Dental Assistant

Alongside being a driven member of the Flow dental team, Laura is a UofT Psychology and Criminology student.


She can most commonly be found either watching movies while snuggling with her dogs or doodling in her notebooks while listening to music.

Laura - Dental Assistant
Giulia - Administrative

Giulia | Administrative

Giulia is a young, active member of the Oakville community and is very excited to help you along your path to better health.


When she isn’t studying, Giulia can be seen rollerblading, unwinding on local hiking trails or picnicking with her friends and family. Her personal passions are just as important to her as her work, spending her time tending to her garden and sewing up new creations.

Peter - Office Manager

Peter | Office Manager

Peter has a career in Marketing and IT. His new passion is dentistry and helping our patients achieve their optimum oral health - "It's very rewarding to see the difference we can make in their lives and their health".


As our office manager, he makes sure the office is always ready and in top-notch condition for our patients and our team. Being a tech person, he's always researching and looking for technological advancements and processes to keep improving our services.

He loves travelling, cooking Italian and French dishes (let's not forget about Brazilian BBQ), running and lately, ice cream ("it's a phase!" he promised).

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