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Artificial Intelligence and dentistry: more power to the patient

More confidence in dental diagnostics with AI

Do you fully understand the treatment plan your dentist gives you? Do you trust that the diagnostic is accurate? Would you like a second opinion without having to move your records to another office?

A recent study showed that 63% of patients are uncertain if their dentists are reading their x-rays accurately, 55% would feel more confident if another dentist verified their x-rays, and 82% prefer that their dentist use the most advanced diagnostic technology available.

That’s what we are now able to provide with artificial intelligence (AI). AI has brought remarkable advancements to various fields, and dentistry is no exception. The integration of AI in dentistry has revolutionized patient care, identifying oral conditions such as cavities, periodontal diseases, and even oral cancer in real-time, giving our dentists a second set of eyes for superior, precise and unbiased diagnostics.

Computers can perform the same task over and over, without getting bored, tired, or distracted. That means that AI will deliver the same high-quality analysis every time: no more under or over-prescribing!

While the human eye can only distinguish between 30 to 870 shades of grey, computers can “see” at least 4,096 – which means it can detect differences in tooth, gum and bone density that humans can’t, so we can catch dental issues at an earlier stage, before they become more severe, avoiding more complicated and costly procedures and most importantly, keeping your oral and overall health in top condition.

Another big advantage: it creates easy to understand patient reports, clearly showing caries and bone recession, tartar and other problems for increased confidence in your treatment plan. AI does not replace the dentists’ diagnostic skills, it rather assists them to better identify dental issues.

This technology goes hand in hand with our philosophy – prevention!

We are very happy to offer this revolutionary technology to our patients!

Dr. Susy Inoue-Cheng

* Originally published on Neighbours of Olde Oakville



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