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NightLase anti-snoring laser treatment: a clinical study

Fotona's NightLase® anti-snoring laser treatment has been gaining worldwide recognition for its safety and efficacy.

A newly published article by Dr. Valerie A. Picavet, et al. in the prestigious European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology presents the data from a recent study that assessed the safety and efficacy of the minimally invasive NightLase® therapy, comparing the results with a sham treatment.

The authors of the study concluded that:

"NightLase treatment significantly reduced snoring compared to sham treatment. Its efficacy is similar to that achieved with other more aggressive treatments. Taking into account the minimal invasiveness of NightLase, this procedure seems to represent a valuable, low-risk treatment option for primary snoring/mild OSAS."

It should also be noted that the treatment was well tolerated by patients, with no local anaesthesia required.

The full text of the journal article, titled: Treatment of snoring using a non‑invasive Er:YAG laser with SMOOTH mode (NightLase): a randomized controlled trial, can be viewed on the publisher's website.



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